Priority enrollment

The Franklin School is committed to a diverse community of students that reflects all of Spartanburg County. All children ages 6 weeks through age four are eligible for enrollment; however, priority will be given to children based on the following residential priorities.

  1. Northside resident

  2. Zoned for Cleveland Academy of Leadership

  3. City of Spartanburg resident

  4. Zoned for other District 7 schools

  5. Spartanburg County resident

Children who are eligible for Early Head Start, Head Start, or State-Funded 4K will enroll directly through those organizations.  See information about enrollment through those programs below.  Children not eligible for those programs, will enroll directly through The Franklin School.

Tuition will be set based on a market study of comparable child care programs in Spartanburg County.  A sliding scale will be available for families unable to afford full tuition. 

Priority Enrollment will open April 1, 2018


[ Enrollment Open Now ]

Enrollment for the 4k classrooms at The Franklin School for the 2019-20 school year will begin in March 2018.  Please visit the Spartanburg School District 7 website for further information.

Early Head Start & Head Start

[ Enrollment Open Now ]

Eligibility Requirements for enrollment:

  • Proof of residency (must be a resident of Spartanburg County)

  • Proof of age (EHS – ages 0 – 3; HS age 3)

  • Proof of income from the prior calendar year and/or the past 12 months; (income must be below the Federal Poverty Guidelines unless child has a confirmed disability and is served by Baby Net or meets Part B disability eligibility)

  • Any child who is homeless or in foster care is eligible

Enrollment occurs year round and application completion must be in person.


Early Head Start:

Spartanburg County First Steps
900 South Pine Street
Spartanburg, SC 29302

(864) 327-4900

Head Start:

ZL Madden Head Start
459 W. Centennial Street
Spartanburg, SC29303

(864) 342-4700